Girls Against God

A collaboration with Mar Alameri- the owner of I Spy A Find Vintage Boutique- in the nooks and crannies of an abandoned Detroit church. Milan worked closely with Alameri and Kitty Quinn in styling, creative direction, and photography to bring the editorial to life. Full editorial can be found here:

Photo: Milan Lazovski. Style: Milan Lazovski, Mar Alameri, Kitty Quinn. Makeup: Kitty Quinn.

Motel X The Loop

Milan worked closely with Creative Director Haley Poag and Fashion director Anna Webber to bring out the beauty of an out-of-date East Lansing Motel for VIM magazine’s Spring 2022 issue. Full issue can be found on

Photo: Milan Lazovski Style: Anna Webber & Haley Poag

The Art of Grieving

The Art of Grieving is an editorial created and styled solely by Milan Lazovski and Kitty Quinn. It is inspired visually by photographers Steven Meisel and Helmut Newton. However, thematically it explored how grief impacts an artist, using art as a method of coping, and siting prominent examples of grief in music and media.

"Grief is unlike any other emotion— a perfect storm of sadness and anger that leaves a permanent mark on the psyche."

Photo: Milan Lazovski. Style: Milan Lazovski & Kitty Quinn. Makeup: Kitty Quinn.